Drupal Dojo: Media Sprint Recap

Here's the DimDim recap of the first Drupal Dojo session of the year, where Arthur Foelsche (arthurf) and I recapped the initial push in the ongoing Media Sprint! You can skip the first few minutes; the action doesn't really begin until 3:50.

See the recap...

Media Sprint Recap on Drupal Dojo! (Forthcoming)

Arthur and I will co-present a recap of last week's exciting Media Code Sprint, held in various offices in NYC! We'll be doing this with the Drupal Dojo, using DimDim.

Media Code Sprint Recap
Tuesday, January 13, 2008 at 3:30 PM (EST)

Why You Want to Be There

  • Because you want to learn about the future of multimedia in Drupal.
  • Because you want to help transform multimedia handling for Drupal.
  • Because everything you thought you knew about Drupal and multimedia is about to be obsolete (and why that's a good thing)...

I'll post a synopsis and schedule in the morning, so stay tuned!

Media Code Sprint (January 2009)

Wrapping up Day 1 of the Media Code Sprint for January 2009! (Edit from 2008... doh!) I'm in the Advomatic NYC offices with Arthur Foelsche (arthurf), Roger López (at http://drupal.org/user/67977), Darrel O'Pry (dopry), and Owen Osborn (oweno).

Today's been a great brain-storming day, figuring out our plans for the weekend. For those of you who don't know about this media sprint, among the stated goals is to backport the File API from Drupal 7 to Drupal 6, get the major media modules using that, and creating a GUI to wrap around it. You can see more at the Media Sprint wiki.

The discussions have been amazing to be part of. We plan to create a new form element and field, using FileField as its core, and create a registry API on top of that, using PHP Stream Wrappers (built into PHP 4+).

Initially, we would have an upload box created with FileField. Then tabs would be created as module add-ons, for local files as thumbnails, Embedded Media Field text field for third party URL's, YouTube or Flickr searches, etc. This would be similar to what I used for Video Uploads/Embeds at YouDrup. In the future, this could also be replaced with a flash uploader for multiple uploads and progress (which can only be done in PHP with APC enabled), such as is done with Kaltura.

More tomorrow! We're meeting at Advomatic again, and in #drupal-dev at IRC. Saturday we'll meet at Sony, and an as-of-yet undetermined Drupal shop on Sunday.

Don't Panic, It's Drupal!

Here's a graphic I made for the Do It With Drupal conference, where I built YouDrup, a YouTube clone with Drupal.

Don't Panic, It's Drupal!


How to do the YouTube Video Cycle!

As you might know by now, I'll be presenting a session at Do It With Drupal on December 10. If you didn't know, get a ticket, and then come back here! I'm currently building a YouTube clone with Drupal in my spare time. When I'm done with it all, I get to come talk with you folks about how I did it.

Obviously, I'm not going to replicate the entire YouTube site. There comes a point of diminishing returns, especially for something I'm doing for fun. So I have to pick and choose what pieces to build. (For the record, there will also be parts that I believe will be improvements on YouTube; not difficult, since I'm building it with Drupal.)

YouDrup Video Cycle

The video slide show on YouTube's front page would have been a case-in-point. It's built in Flash, and I figured I would skip it, since it's just eye candy. Normally for that, I would use jCarousel or Views Slideshow, but neither replicates YouTube's functionality, and they seemed out of place for this slider that slides 5 videos at a time. But then I remembered someone telling me about the jQuery Cycle plug-in, by the same author of the jQuery Media plug-in.

Read More to See How I Did It (in 20 minutes, nonetheless)...

Media Transcriptions Roadmap

I've started work on the Media Transcriptions module today. This module will allow the attachment of Transcriptions (or Closed Captioning) to video and audio files. The initial version in CVS is from some work by Jonathan DeLaigle (grndlvl), who is a co-maintainer & developer of the module.

For full functionality, you'll need to wait for Drupal 7, because of the long-awaited hook_file and Fields in core issues.

However, there will be releases with limited functionality for Drupal 6, and even a teaser for Drupal 5, with a promise of smooth upgrading as things progress.

Read more to Find out What this Means for your Multimedia!

Do YouTube With Drupal

A YouTube clone? In Drupal? Of course!

I was asked by the organizers of the Do It With Drupal seminar if I would like the opportunity to create a YouTube clone in Drupal and talk about that process with the community. Of course!

Do It With Drupal will take place in New Orleans, from December 10-12, 2008. Besides my YouTube clone, other showcase fantasy sites will also be presented, including Flickr, Twitter, and FreshBooks.com clones. All built with Drupal! And that's just the first day. There are some really big name folks presenting at the seminar, like Earl Miles, Robert Douglass, Gábor Hojtsy, John Resig (who wrote jQuery), Matt Westgate, Moshe Weitzman, Angela Byron, James Walker, and more! Seriously, check out the speaker list if you haven't yet.

Now that I've agreed to that, it means up all this personal time I just freed up from finishing up Drupal Multimedia (which goes to the printers on Monday!) will now go to building this fun site...

Read more about How I Plan to Do YouTube With Drupal...

Views Slideshow for Views 2

I upgraded Views Slideshow to Drupal 6 this week. That means you can now continue to create a slideshow from any view, now easier than ever, thanks to Views 2!

In the Drupal 5 version, you had to set global settings for all slideshows, and it was a bit of a pain to configure them for individual shows. Now, as shown in this screen shot, you are able to configure each view individually.

Configure Views Slideshow

Read about How to Use Views Slideshow...

Anonymous Characters for 5 Second Game

Assuming the administrator gives access, anonymous users may now create and compete with characters at 5 Second Game (which is powered by the module of the same name). Additionally, if an anonymous user registers or logs in, they'll be able to claim that character as their own, allowing for saving any statistics, etc.

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