Selling my Wireless Router

I just switched to FIOS, and their router is also wireless, making my current NetGear wireless router obsolete. I'm offering it to you! (The eBay auction won't show up till Sunday.)

It's a great router -- I got it last year with my laptop, and it's served me well. I don't have the original box or disk, but it worked automatically both with Windows XP and Linux Kubuntu, so I don't think you'll have any problems at all.

I'm shipping the router, its power supply, and throwing in an extra ethernet cable for your desktop, if you need it.

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The Society for Venturism has chosen me as the recipient of its charity for this year, to hopefully offer me cryonic preservation when the time comes. And this month, Longecity, an excellent forum for the discussion of issues related to extending the lifespan of humans, has offered up a matching grant of up to a thousand dollars to help out! So help out! Please.