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Drupal Guilds Discussion Today!

Drupal Guilds

This is probably late notice for many of you, but I'm going to give a presentation about Drupal Guilds today (Friday, September 10) at 5 GDT (12 EDT), about an hour and a half from this posting. The presentation will be recorded, along with a slide show, and I'll make sure to post about it again after that if you miss the meeting.

Background: Drupal Guilds, a subset of Open Guilds, is a planned organization to foster a grassroots peer review certification system for crafters of Drupal. With its roots in early medieval guilds, particularly in the universitas, it seeks to help create and foster masters of Open Sourcery.

I've been working on-and-off this concept over the past year, which is a culmination stemming largely from both my work with Open Source Software and with Sudbury model schools over the past twelve years.

Please see my post at Drupal Guilds & Open Guilds for more information. Hope to see you soon!

Edit: Here's an embedded slide show of the presentation; video soon!

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