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Media - File Styles Roadmap

This past month I've been busy getting the Styles module ready for release. This module does the heavy lifting for display of Media objects. For those that don't know yet, Media, the File Browser to the Internet, is the future of media handling for Drupal 7. It exposes the underlying streams API of Drupal core, allowing for fieldable media entities (fields on files), mixing up images and audio, local files and YouTube.

File Styles for Drupal

Basically, the Styles module allows you to select a style for display with a field (or in a View or with WYSIWYG), and the field will be displayed as determined by the predetermined criteria. For instance, as shown in the above diagram, you might set the display as 'Medium', and the actual displayed file or remote stream will be selected according to the file's mime type (as an image, a video, in an mp3 player, etc).

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Drupal Media, Now with Fieldable Entities!

If you haven't looked recently, there's been some huge progress recently for Drupal's Media module. Jacob Singh from Acquia has jumped on board, paving the way for fieldable entities! This allows Media asset objects to be a first class Drupal citizen, alongside Nodes, Users, Taxonomy, and Comments. (Hopefully in core for Drupal 8!) Also, Dipen Chaudhary has been hard at work providing WYSIWYG support!

Media as an Fieldable Entity

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