Thumbnails Stored Locally with Embedded Media Field

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As you can see here, thumbnails are now stored locally with Embedded Media Field. This opens the way to ImageCache integration and more.

This example also makes use of a new formatter, which uses jQuery to replace the thumbnail with an inline video, so that cookies aren't sent to the provider unless the user clicks to play.

Both of these features are available with all of the providers. Although not all providers currently offer an API for their thumbnails; however, in those cases, you can continue to use your own custom thumbnails. To use the first feature, local thumbnails, you'll need to enable Embedded Media Thumbnail, which is packaged with the module. The new formatter is available in any case.

See video


Sushil's picture

custom thumbnail for drupal 6?

wonderful module - makes my life much easier. Wanted to check if the custom thumbnail functionality will be available for drupal 6 soon? The field shows up in the edit form and takes the upload of the custom thumbnail but doesn't actually show the image or have it stored anywhere.

zzolo's picture

One of the best movies

I love the Muppet short that you used! And the module is cool, too.

Kevin Colligan's picture

Ready for Drupal 6?

Hi there,

Is embedded thumb functionality working for Drupal 6 yet? My module says no.

Looking forward to using it when it is.


Wolfgang's picture

Very good stuff! This module

Very good stuff! This module is getting better and better. But i wasn't able to show the local thumbnails in views? Is that still to be implemented?

Thank you for this great module!


seutje's picture

must say it still does a

must say it still does a decent job without js enabled

dalin's picture


This will offer a performance improvement as well since the browser doesn't have to do the DNS lookup and HTTP request until the user wants to watch the video.

Covers's picture

Thumbnails as video covers

Hi Aaron,

Is it possible to use the thumbnails as actual covers for the videos. It would be really useful to cover YouTube videos with a custom cover that is a bit more attractive. This may already be it?

Thanks though for an essential module.


david windham's picture


small note.. great idea.. keep those cookies off of my machine, but
when i try and pause the video, it restarts.. (safari 3). I have cookies enabled but only for sites I navigate to. Same deal in firefox, but I have cookies disabled all together

aaron's picture



Can you refresh your browser? You must have gotten on right just before I fixed that particular bug in my jQuery. (I'd been replacing the link HTML rather than its parent.)


david windham's picture


yu da man. worked in both.

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