Pirates Aren't Afraid of the Dark

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The power went out last night, while Sabina and I were playing pirates. She wore a patch on her eye, and I had my eye closed, and we were both shouting, "Arrh! I'm a pirate!" Ashlin helped translate.

Then the lights flickered off, and Sabina started crying. Michelle picked her up (Gwen was at Lowes) and I said, "Pirates aren't afraid of the dark." That was the best interaction and the first fatherly advice I've had with her in months.

I'm in a period of rapid decline, after a most welcome year of a relatively stable plateau. The changes are noticeable on a nearly daily basis, ranging from a bib to catch my drool, to giving up the bidet for a shower/commode chair, to struggling to find comfort in my new hospital bed, after having finally gotten comfortable sleeping in my recliner. It's been a glorious and busy year. From the Halloween parade of pirates, witches, vampires, and a princess firefighter, to a few concerts throughout the year by my daughters, to watching the entire, what, first six seasons of Mad Men with my Sweetie. I bet you can remember the days when you had to wait an entire, get this, week to watch the next episode of Friends or Mash.

I had a nightmare the other night. I lived in a walled village that was under siege by a pin-headed giant. My father was one of the village elders, and he nominated me to go out and slay the giant. I was afraid to do this, and asked my father why he'd volunteered me. "Because you're the bravest person in the village," said he. But I didn't feel brave. I spent the rest of the night trying to get on with the inevitable fight, because you have to face your fears head on, even in your dreams, but I was instead assailed by some rather inane dreams, except for one with my old friend and mentor Stephen Poplin, who told me to stop worrying, that the fight wasn't scheduled for a week Friday.

The book of the week was Neptune's Brood, which takes place some seven thousand years in the future, after the fourth extinction of the human race. Spoiler Alert: This space opera by Charles Stross has as its protagonist an actuary historian, and features bat-winged insurance underwriting pirates, a shapeshifting zombie high priestess, and bitcoins! The first fiction I've read featuring bitcoins, and it's a doozy, written by the author of such post-singularity works as Accelerondo, Singularity Sky, and Glass House. I highly recommend this sequel to Saturn's Children, and you don't have to read the other one first. But this book has only whetted my appetite for good bitcoin fiction. Please let me know of other such works out there!


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We miss seeing you around IRC, Aaron. You are missed on our ship - a singularly brave pirate. Love to you and your family.

- Dylan, Advo

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I always like motivational

I always like motivational books and really it is a good think to instill courage in our kids like this. Yes, pirates are not afraid of darkness and we should bravely face every situation.

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