Media Transcriptions Roadmap

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I've started work on the Media Transcriptions module today. This module will allow the attachment of Transcriptions (or Closed Captioning) to video and audio files. The initial version in CVS is from some work by Jonathan DeLaigle (grndlvl), who is a co-maintainer & developer of the module.

For full functionality, you'll need to wait for Drupal 7, because of the long-awaited hook_file and Fields in core issues.

However, there will be releases with limited functionality for Drupal 6, and even a teaser for Drupal 5, with a promise of smooth upgrading as things progress.

What this Means for your Multimedia

The goal is to allow an editor to directly edit a video or audio during playback and add transcription notes, ideally straight in the player, and have that transcription available to Drupal for various needs, such as text searches and display.

To get there we'll follow a meandering path through various Drupal releases, taking advantage of what functionality each has to offer.

  1. Create a Transcription content field.
  2. Allow that field to be connected to a specific file.
  3. Create a Views formatter to display the Transcription as an XML file, suitable for inline closed captioning.
  4. Create another formatter to display the transcription on the page, but timed in synch with playback.
  5. Tap into Drupal Media Player's and the JW FLV Media Player's JavaScript API to allow 'pause and transcribe' functionality through a form.
  6. Add the same functionality as a plugin to those players.
  7. Tap into YouTube API and Embedded Media Field to allow similar transcriptions for embedded YouTube (and Blip.TV?) videos.
  8. Tie it into Asset for good measure.

So that's the rough outline. Some of the functionality will be available as early as later today. I'd like to feature it for the YouTube clone I'm building for the Do It With Drupal seminar. Don't expect a fully functioning solution until Spring 2009, however.


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Good news for translations as well

As someone who deals with a lot of non-english video content, I'm looking forward to this.

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Love to hear more!

Hey Aaron- I've been talking about doing this with a view people and I think there could be some common effort to this. Some of the thoughts we were kicking around: using the TT format as an alternate view of a node (node/X/tt), it should be able to provide the player with both different languages of TT files and revisions of TT files. This makes it possible for translators to use another translation for theirs (ie: use the French translation to translate to Spanish, rather than the Russian original), allow for something like comments on each TT line so that you could encourage community participation in translation.

Anyway, I'd be great to hear more about this project and if you're looking for some support!

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Great thoughts! Jonathan

Great thoughts! Jonathan DeLaigle (grndlvl) and I have started some work on the module. I'll roll out a dev release of what's available. You're welcome to join the project. I'll be glad to make you a co-maintainer if you're interested, Arthur.

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Aaron, this is going to be

Aaron, this is going to be great. Thanks for your work on this. I'm sure we all appreciate it.

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Thanks for linking to the

Thanks for linking to the 'fields in core' issue, I didn't realize that was happening in 7 already -- awesome!

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Great news Aaron

Great news Aaron, thanks for all of your brilliant efforts to bring multimedia to the Drupal community.

The lack of closed captioning for multimedia on the web in general is a big itch of mine. It's WCAG 1.0 A for goodness sake!

In the meantime, I have been providing this functionality by using - this is a great service - you can add captions and export a .SRT for use with Youtube, or you can embed their player (although it's a little ugly).

It would be awesome to be able to do this entirely within Drupal.

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Sounds like good news. A

Sounds like good news. A non-profit I work with is starting to use video and would love to have this available down the line. I know that the final version will be a while coming, but was wondering if there are plans for a capability to handle multiple transcripts covering the same video? What I am thinking of is the ability to have different transcript versions for diff possible languages.

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Good news!

Good news, after spending a long time with someone who had a bad hearing - I am relieved to see this. Google Video's has it a lot, but anything else still doesn't have it enough.

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