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Sean Effel from recently created an excellent Feed API + Emfield Recipe video tutorial.

He shows you step-by-step how to take a video feed from Blip.TV (or any other provider supported by Embedded Media Field) and aggregate it on your own site, videos, thumbnails, and all, automatically turning the remote videos into nodes on your site, ready for theming, comments, and anything else you want.

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That would be fine to sharpen

That would be fine to sharpen video feeding and aggregating the same on my own site for better theming, comments so on and so forth. Lesson on how to take a video feed is very helpful for me.garage door price

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does anyone know of a currently working version? have an RSS feed with my archive video's - would like to take advantage of suggested solutions?

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This can be the core of a web app

This video feed technology could be used to make a super cool video web application like YouTube, except it's your youtube ("yourtube"?). :)

If I wasn't totally overloaded with work I'd build it myself.

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The video is great. I used

The video is great. I used the video to learn how put a Blip.TV video on my website. The step by step video helped me out a lot thanks

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Jquery_media not work

Friend, i have a problem.
1.- I installed 4 modules in a clean drupal 6 instalation.
2.- I enabled in Administer>modules:
Option Widget
jQuery Media
jQ Bridge
3.- I created a ContentType with this parameters:
Menu settings (admin)
Video field_filefield filefield Configure Remove
File attachments
4.- I created a content with "Video Content Type", and the link to file is showed in the content:
5.- I went to configure the settings in jq_media module, and set this paramenter.
Checked "Node Type" the content type that correspond with my content.
Checked Auto-invoke Media class and the default value was't modified: "media class: .filefield-medi a"
Default Player: sites/default/files/mediaplayer.swf (previously i downloaded from here an put the mediaplayer.swf file in this directory)
Default Settings: Width 320 height 240 back color: default value #ffffff, i dont touch anything else.
5.- The link dont work, permanently is like a link, and not shw the video. Can you Help ME Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
I have php.ini memory limit 128M (the manual said that the minimal in 16)
I proof the link to the mediaplayer.swf file an it works.

Any Idea.

PD.: Excuse me for my bad english!

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First, bring PHP memory down

First, bring PHP memory down to about 32MB. 128 will kill your server with any reasonable load. Secondly, you're doing everything right. However, FileField is undergoing changes that currently breaks this great combo. You need to wait a week or two, sorry. (You could, however, develop the site in Drupal 5 if you can't wait that long, as the combo still works there.) Things will certainly work soon; there was just some confusion concerning the releases of that module.

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Nice but

I love the idea mate, but a bit to High-tech for me... sorry

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That's why

That's why Drupal keeps making me want to move from wordpress, the community behind Drupal is so involved. Pretty powerful group.

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So what are you waiting for?

We'd love to have you join the community!

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FeedAPI Recipe Embed Fixed Now

The video was a broken link for some reason. Just pasted in the latest embed code. Sorry about that, if you've been looking for it... The original, again, is at

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