Last Week's Reads

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This contains spoilers for the Hunger Games trilogy.

I finished the Hunger Games trilogy, and was abhorred, but not surprised, by Katniss' choice to hold a revenge hunger games. I wonder if Hollywood will treat that the same, or if they'll leave that part out. I'm glad for Donald Sutherland's part as President Snow; I can't wait to see his portrayal of his final hours. We have a wait, though, with Hollywood's new formula to extract more money from the masses by splitting the final book of a series into two movies.

Next, I started Greg Bear's Vitals, but wasn't able to get past the beginning. Instead, I read Charles Stross' Saturn's Children, which was a riveting blend of what would happen if Heinleinesque sexbots got ahold of Asimov's three laws of robotics. And I was completely enthralled, as I imagined I would be, by the author of such forward seeking works as Accelerondo, Glass House, and Singularity Sky.

Next up was Twilight, which I promised a friend I would read. It wasn't entirely bad, once the vampire part of the story began, but I'm not certain I'll finish the series.

Enough about books. What I want to say is that when my health declines and I find myself gasping for breath, or in a funk because I can't scratch an itch, I always come back to thinking about how my dad would handle this horrid disease, and that gives me the fortitude to go on, because I expect that he wouldn't moan and grumble quite so much as I.


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books, etc.

I've got a major download going......thought I'd visit your blog again.

Dude. Moan away if need be.

I just watched The Hunger Games (just cuz everyone and their sister can't stop talking about it).

I didn't particularly enjoy it. I'm under the assumption that the book(s) must be much better.

Truth be told, up until a week ago the last "real" book (e.g. not a tech-manual of some sort) was 'What the Dog Saw'.....and that was 3 years ago. I've just started Dune though! Really diggin it. Way more than I thought I would.

So I almost (ALMOST) submitted the hack of all hacks to the Media module the other day. (Trying to get it to put uploads into a user-chosen directory.)

After "finishing" it and dealing with way too much fall-out (orphaned files, being the major one), I just did a quick one-off of my own. I figured I'd submit it and it'd piss you off so much you'd hop out of that chair and break something. (Hey.....whatever works! ;-)

Well, my download's done. Keep on keepin on!


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We cant say enough to

We cant say enough to reading. We are getting reluctant about reading and this is realy bad, we should read more than we think.

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You can moan a lot more and I

You can moan a lot more and I won't think any less of you.

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