Home-Brewed Drupal Media Player in the Works!

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Here's a sneak peek of the new flash Drupal Media Player, developed by yours truly with OpenLaszlo!

Obviously, it's still rough on the edges, and all the options in the theme function aren't hooked up yet. Although it works already (after a fashion), don't use it yet unless you're willing to suffer the consequences.

When it's done, this module will come with its own player, fully GPL'd, and will support others out of the box as well, such as JW Flash Media Player and Wimpy. But who's going to want those anymore?

The module adds theme functions and a simple API that should be easily usable by other media modules, such as Embedded Media Player, jQuery Media and whoever else wants to jump on board. The other modules won't need to worry about where a particular player lives or how to invoke it; the theme functions provided will be robust enough to handle player colors, sizes, icons (including placement, layout, and other customization options), splash screens, playlists and more. Administrators will be able to override any of the defaults, including player of choice. Additionally, it'll be easy enough to invoke manually as well:

print theme('media_player_player', $filepath);

And best of all, since it's in OpenLaszlo and GPL, with the source included in the module, it's easy for developers to modify even the player, without even needing a Flash IDE. (The whole thing is created with an XML.)

Kudos to EclipseGc for nudges and encouragement to get this project going!

Next on the list: volume controls, playlists, override color/logo/splash options, settings pages, pull in the other players, youtube/blip.tv/other provider support, tie into other media modules

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danielhonrade's picture

Looking for Flash players for theming

Hi, I am looking for flash players to integrate with my core theme, sample is www.danielhonrade.com, for now, I am using coffeecup video and audio players which have playlist but they are not really integrated because I still have to edit xml manually everytime I change the playlist, I hope you can add this feature to your flashplayer, If you want I can help you with the skins.

Nick Freear's picture

Accessibility patch for the media player

Hi Aaron,

This project and the Drupal transcription module look great - very useful. I have some ideas regarding accessibility, and I submitted a patch for the OpenLaszlo/Flash player a few weeks ago - I wondered if you have time for some feedback please.

I imagine you're very busy, so this is just a gentle nudge ;)

Many thanks, Nick

Richard's picture


I create skins for various media players, including the JW Player. I was wondering what methods are used to skin your 'OpenLaszlo' player. I saw someone had created an alternative skin, but can't see any instructions anywhere?

I'm used to working in Flash (vector) and Photoshop (raster/pixels), can these apps be used to produce graphic elements?

Anonymous's picture


any progress or abandonware?

aaron's picture

Volume control slider is

Volume control slider is there, and the framework's been cleaned up a bit. We're working with the OL folks to add full screen, and I need to work on the JS API so we can have playlists. But yes, slowly but surely. Lately, I've been working on other aspects of the Media sprint, so this piece has fallen behind a bit.

Ferienhaus Bayerischer Wald's picture

Great !

Wow, the flash player is amazing. Good job. Drupal rulez!

Lisa Bennett's picture

New Open Source Video Module for Drupal

I'm excited to update you that Kaltura has officially launched our open source video module for Drupal. Kaltura's All in One Video Module enables Drupal site-builders to easily add video and rich-media functionalities to their sites. The module handles all aspects of adding video, including full hosting and streaming of content. It is extremely flexible, easy to customize and best of all – it's free – Kaltura covers up to 10GB of hosting and streaming (can later be upgraded). It was designed specifically for Drupal and seamlessly integrates with several key Drupal features and modules, including CCK, Views, cron, tags and taxonomy, and user permissions.

Download it: http://corp.kaltura.com/download
Check it out on our demo site: http://drupal.kaltura.org/
Play around with it: http://drupal.kaltura.org/demo/
Tell us what you think in our forums: http://community.kaltura.org/

adsneeze's picture

This sound great! good work!

This sound great! good work! I think drupal is the future of the open source cms and you guys make it closer.

Anonymous's picture

The media player looks great.

The media player looks great. Thanks for developing it.

BrightLoudNoise's picture

Skinning the media player

I've taken a stab at skinning the media player, you can see the work in progress http://rogueunicorn.com/node/5, great work so far Aaron!

aaron's picture

Holy cow, that's great work,

Holy cow, that's great work, BrightLoudNoise! That's going to go a long way towards making this a truly professional media solution! Thanks. I'll be glad to merge that into the project when you're ready.

Scott's picture

Very nice!

I'm really glad to see a flash player that will be modularized to help everyone who will need this valuable function. It's something that needs to be done. I see this player becoming one of the core-ish modules for drupal sites.

One thing to keep in mind is to make it easy to hook up to FlashVideo or another video import system, that will really help all those people who don't know anything. It's a continuation of the idea that drupal has, making everything simple and controlled without looking at code. Thank you so much for stepping up!

aaron's picture

That's an Imperative

You're spot on! I want the module to provide an API that's easy for other modules to hook into, with everything controllable from an administrative interface, and working fine with the defaults. I plan to put more work into it next week; this week was too busy.

Josiah's picture


That looks like a really excellent addition to Drupal. Thank you for taking it on!

NikLP's picture


This looks to be potential awesomeness. Can't wait!

EclipseGc's picture


Great to see some of my evangelism finally come to fruition. I downloaded the source you put up and have started playing. Hopefully I'll get to contribute code soon too. :-)

Anonymous's picture

Fantastic work

This sounds great - good news for Drupal and the open source community. Can't wait to see how it progresses - thanks for sharing.

Anonymous's picture

Wow! Keep up the good work -

Wow! Keep up the good work - can't wait for this!

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