Erik Gecas's Art Show

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So my brother in law (Erik Gecas) has an art exhibit, Painting Physical Presence, that's just opened in Las Vegas! Particularly exciting for me (though admittedly only slightly relevant to the world of Drupal) is that I created his web gallery a few months ago, with Drupal of course. The show is in tandem with Ayako Ono.

The web gallery is largely created with Views Slideshow (for which I still owe a port to d6). In fact, it was largely for this site, which makes a small appearance in Drupal Multimedia, that I beefed up development for that module (and the Magnifier module, that is also used on the site, though not in the book).

Cannon Ball Boom197.04 KB


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Interesting art - there is a

Interesting art - there is a lot of good artwork out there by relative unknowns - it's a pity the artworld has such a snobbish reputation which I think puts off a lot of people taking up art ("I'll never be recognised / how to please the critics?") or enjoying it at face value ("Should I like this painting? So many art critics hated it, maybe I should too").

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Neat art. I found it a bit

Neat art. I found it a bit disconcerting... Not stuff I would really want to be surrounded by for very long.

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All he needs now is a

All he needs now is a favicon!

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Favicon, Oops!

Thanks for catching that oversight... I put in a placeholder favicon, and I'll have to check with Erik to get one he wants in there.

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The diagonal upside-down baby is a little creepy, but maybe that's part of the point. ;)

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