Drupal will Explode your Site into a Million Pieces, and Why You Want That.

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Views as a Web Widget has the potential to revolutionize the Internet, now that I think about it. Taking a hint from Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion in The Future is Web Services, Not Web Sites, we are entering a time where creating an API for embedding content within another site is becoming a standard way of sharing information.

The leading players on the web all see the train coming. They are wisely creating APIs and turning themselves into plug-and-play services, not just big destinations. YouTube is just the latest to do so today. Amazon has S3. Google has OpenSocial and an extensive library of APIs. As does Microsoft. Facebook is allowing its applications to live outside the site. Twitter is an API first and (eventually) a business model second. Finally, the booming widget economy shows the promise of small content that can go anywhere.

The Views as a Web Widget project is being proposed for Google's 2008 Summer of Code. This project will allow an administrator to turn any view into a widget.

As I have experience with this, having implemented Views Slideshow (any view into a slideshow), Embedded Media Field (embedding external "widgets" from YouTube, Flickr, etc.), and a widget for Maplight, and am interested in being a mentor this year, I plan to offer to mentor that project, along with Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg.

Tim Berners-Lee spoke last week on the topic, saying that the semantic web will supersede the monolithic giants of Facebook and Google. As Dries recently indicated at his State of Drupal address in Boston, the Drupal of the future will be semantic web.

The Drupal of the Future will explode your site into a million pieces. And if your site can handle that, it will thrive in that multifaceted environment.


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Great Article

Aaron, your writing is fantastic. Thanks for writing such a great article. I am still currently learning/testing drupal, and trying to figure out if it is the right solution for me.

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We're considering using

We're considering using drupal for a new electrical business that we are starting here in New Zealand. This has helped cement my ideas about it. Thanks!

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Glad that drupal has at least

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Now that is what I call an

Now that is what I call an excellent guide, thanks

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Drupal - Embedded Media

I've been searching the web for Drupal 6 information. I've found DrupalCon info as well as anti wordpress folks. I think the future of the web is going to be in API and obviously YouTube, Google and many others have jumped on board. I agree with the writer of this post that integrating the many apps such as twitter and embedded media is the way to go. Nice read. Thanks! ~Phil

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my vote goes to youtube,

allowing users to register and login makes them feel they are part of the system and want to contribute

its nice to be able to visit sites add photos videos or whatever

i have been to parties where users shoot photos of themselves and post them on facebook the next day

thats all they do

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hello! you know, as a common

hello! you know, as a common ordinary user i've heard about Drupal, but i had no idea about what's it and how does it work... after your article it's really interesting! i think one day i will need this information. and esepcially i appreciate this idea that in the Internet battle win only servce providing business not sites themselves

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There a lot of potentially

There a lot of potentially high quality application usage brought about by Drupal. Technology has really come a long ways, in giving online users a heightened Net experience.

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Nice page. Thanks for

Nice page. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for Overview

I'll be sure to write more about the project as the summer progresses, but for now I just wanted to end by saying congrats to John Snow, and THANK YOU to google for funding this initiative, and to all the hard working Drupalistas (most of all Webchick) who have helped Drupal to accept 21 awesome students, whose projects promise to bring an amazing amount of new features and functions to Drupal

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Drupal is the best open

Drupal is the best open source framework.

Here is a list of the Drupal benefits:

Easy to install - Drupal installation described here;
Easy to use - no programming knowledge needed! Read through this tutorial to learn the basics of Drupal. Spend 2 hours administering your site. After that you will feel very familiar with Drupal;
Lots of features, such as custom search engine friendly URLs(SEF), categories, search function;
Lots of modules to add even more functionality to your site;
Flexibility - you can easily turn your drupal installation into a forum, faq, blog, wiki and many other types of web sites;
Free to use, open source. You can freely install drupal and you can modify the source code to fit your needs, if you want;
Lots of users & community - easy to find solutions to your problems. The large community guarantees that Drupal will have a bright future;

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Nice to hear someone fighting

Nice to hear someone fighting the Drupal cause from a perspective different from that of the full on techie.

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Nice to hear someone fighting

Nice to hear someone fighting the Drupal cause from a perspective different from that of the full on techie.

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From Peter Monroe

We're considering using drupal for a new electrical business that we are starting here in New Zealand. This has helped cement my ideas about it. Thanks!

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Welcome to Drupal!

Glad to have you on board!

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