Drupal Dojo: Media Sprint Recap

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Here's the DimDim recap of the first Drupal Dojo session of the year, where Arthur Foelsche (arthurf) and I recapped the initial push in the ongoing Media Sprint! You can skip the first few minutes; the action doesn't really begin until 3:50.

Here's the recap...


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Missing audio for much of the

Missing audio for much of the video, but still cool to get a peek into exciting core development. Thanks.

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Additionally, although there

Additionally, although there are elements slated for core, this is actually slated for initial release in contrib, for Drupal 6!

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Sorry about the audio. This

Sorry about the audio. This was also Drupal Dojo's first array into DimDim, and we had a few problems to work through to get it working. The recording goes beyond the end of the session. Additionally, as a presenter, I still have to learn about how best to handle dead air...

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