Drupal China gets Embedded Media Field!

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Jacob Redding (jredding), Robert Scales, and John Zhu conducted a panel about Drupal in China yesterday at DrupalCon. We all learned about why and how China is beginning to embrace Drupal.

I plan to do a better write-up for the Drupal Newsletter, so you'll have to wait till then to hear more about it. However, I did manage to sneak in quick 20 minutes during the panel and write Embedded Media Field support for Tudou.com, the Chinese version of YouTube. As a side-note, tudou translates roughly to 'soil tofu', or 'potato'.

You can see a higher-res version of the video at Jacob's blog wiredgeek.com.


Anna Gu's picture

Great news. It's good to know

Great news. It's good to know that drupal is arriving at China. Hope it will become more popular!

Steve Parsons's picture

Nice. now we can look

Nice. now we can look forward to a bunch of great pirate video sites that use drupal! Gotta love it?!?!

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